Case Report

Virginity sparing surgery for imperforate hymen: report of two cases and review of literature


  • Osman Temizkan
  • Suna Kabil Kucur
  • Sema Ağar
  • İlay Gözükara
  • Atıf Akyol
  • İnci Davas

Received Date: 02.04.2012 Accepted Date: 03.07.2012 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2012;13(4):278-280 PMID: 24592057

Imperforate Hymen (IH), an obstructive congenital anomaly of the female genital tract, is seen in 1 in 2000 female births. Treatment of IH is hymenotomy or hymenectomy. Different types of incisions are mentioned in the literature. We reported two cases of IH with different clinical presentations and described a simple virginity preserving and socially acceptable procedure to protect the virginity of the patient. In cultures and religions where the destruction of the hymen is a social problem in unmarried girls, virginity sparing surgery should be chosen in gynecological practice. Here we described a simple procedure without need for prophylactic antibiotic treatment and foley catheter application to form an intact annular hymen in two cases.

Keywords: Virginity, imperforate hymen, genital anomaly, primary amenorrhea, adolescence