Clinical Study

Survey of knowledge, attitude and practice of contraception and medical abortion in women attending family planning clinic

  • Suneeta Mittal
  • Anupama Bahadur
  • Jai Bhagwan Sharma

Received Date: 28.03.2007 Accepted Date: 19.07.2007 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2008;9(1):29-34


Knowledge, attitude and practice of women attending family planning clinic at All India Institute of Medical Sciences.


284 women attending family planning clinic of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India between 1st August 2005 till 31st October 2005, of which 158 requested for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), were interrogated on a structured questionnaire. The age of women ranged from 20-45 years, 83(29.2%) were illiterate, 63(22.2%) were educated until primary school and 48.6% were high school pass and above. Patients were grouped into Low and high socio-economic status according to modified Kuppuswamy Socio-economic Status Scale. I. Upper class II. Upper middle class III. Middle class IV. Lower middle class V. Lower class Consent of both husband and wife was taken. They were counseled about the various contraceptives available and chose whichever suited them best.


111 (39.08%) were not using any contraception, 108 (38.02%) barrier method, 52 (18.31%) intrauterine device (IUD) while oral pills by 11 (3.87%) and others 2 (0.7%). The indication of MTP was unplanned pregnancy in 56.96% cases while failure of contraception in 43.03%. There was no eugenic indication while ill health in only one. 4 (1.4%) women had heard about emergency contraceptive, however none had used it. 22 (7.8%) women had heard of medical abortion and 15 (5.28%) had undergone with satisfaction. The various methods of contraception accepted by the women post abortion were OCPs 9 (3.17%), IUD by 81 (28.5%) and female sterilization by 62 (21.83%). In the other group 38 (13.38%) had IUD removed and reinserted, 38 had IUD inserted while 35 (12.32%) women underwent sterilization operation, 6(2.11%) got IUD removed and opted for pregnancy. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS software (Chicago) with chi-square test taking p value 0.05 as significant.


There is lack of awareness of emergency contraception and medical abortion amongst women community.

Keywords: Contraception, medical abortion, emergency contraception, medical termination of pregnancy, oral pills, sterilization