Clinical Study

Results of Cordocentesis at Our Department: Evaluation of 260 Cases

  • Gökhan Yildirim
  • Kemal Güngördük
  • Ahmet Gül
  • Halil Aslan
  • Yavuz Ceylan
  • Ali Gedikbasi

Received Date: 13.05.2008 Accepted Date: 22.10.2008 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2008;9(4):224-230


The aim of our study was to evaluate our cordocentesis results.


Between 2001 and 2007, 260 cases of cordocentesis were evaluated according to indications, success of cell culture, karyotype results and fetal complications.


The mean gestational age at the time of cordocentesis was 25,55±3,65 weeks. Adequate amount of cord blood was taken 97,6% of the time, the successful culture rate was 92,4%. Cordosentesis procedure were performed mainly for, abnormal ultrasonographic examination and positive triplescreening test. Fetal chromosomal abnormality was found in 12,2% of these cases. The procedure-related complications included transieny bleeding at puncture site (18,8%), transient fetal bradycardia (7,6%) and cordocentesis-related fetal loss (5,0%).


Cordocentesis is a simple and valuable procedure for prenatal diagnosis.

Keywords: Cordocentesis, prenatal diagnosis, fetal complication