Case Report

Laparoscopic surgery of interstitial (cornual) pregnancy, a case report


  • Ziya Günenç
  • Banu Bingöl
  • Aygen Çelik
  • Serpil Bozkurt
  • Ümit Özekici

Received Date: 24.06.2009 Accepted Date: 17.09.2009 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2010;11(2):102-104 PMID: 24591909

We report a successful laparoscopic management of an interstitial pregnancy of a 24- year-old single woman, treated by cornuostomy. The patient was first managed with methotrexate treatment. After the 2. methotrexate administration, the patient suffered from low abdominal pain, and intraabdominal bleeding signs were reported by transvaginal ultrasonograpy. The hemoglobin level was decreased from 12.8 gr/dl to 11.8 gr/dl and the beta hCG level was increased from 8,314 mIU/l to 11,541 mIU/l. The laparoscopic approach to interstitial pregnancy was presented and other management strategies such as medical treatment and laparotomy have been reviewed.

Keywords: Interstitial (cornual) pregnancy, laparoscopy, methotrexate, cornuostomy