• Cihat Ünlü

J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2021;22(3):0-0

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to introduce the third issue of the “Journal of the Turkish-German Gynecological Association (J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc)” in the publishing year of 2021. This issue is consisted of eight articles and three reviews that we hope you will read with interest.

Sacrocolpopexy has become the gold standard treatment for pelvic organ prolapse. Rectopexy is indicated when posterior compartment prolapse is identified. Sacrocolpopexy with concomitant rectopexy is becoming increasingly more common for patients with multicompartmental disease. You will read an interesting study determining whether ventral mesh rectopexy at the time of sacrocolpopexy reduces the rate of future posterior wall prolapse.

Granulocyte-macrophage CSF (GM-CSF) is a multi-functional cytokine and is synthesized in the epithelial cells of the female reproductive tract, which is essential for modulating stress response genes, heat shock proteins, and apoptosis. You will read an article investigating the effects of adding GM-CSF to culture medium on embryological data and reproductive outcomes in patients with previous early embryonic developmental arrest.

Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping has been proposed as a less invasive technique used for assessment of lymph nodes in gynecologic cancers. You will get the occasion to read the current situation of SLN mapping in gynecologic cancers.

Dear Esteemed Readers,

Clarivate Analytics recently introduced its new metric, the Journal Indicator. By normalizing for different research fields and their widely varying rates of publication and citation, the Journal Citation Indicator (JCI) provides a single journal-level metric that can be easily interpreted and compared across disciplines. The Journal Citation Indicator can be calculated for all journals in the Web of Science Core Collection - including those that do not have a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) - and published in the 2021 JCR in June. In light of this information, we are delighted to state that J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc’s JCI is 0.37. It ranks 94th out of 122 indexed journals in SCI-E and ESCI in obstetrics & gynecology. In the upcoming period, our aim is to increase the journal’s JCI rank.

Another innovation we would like to announce in this issue was to ensure that our articles are managed via the PoolText system. PoolText is a technology company spun out of MIT and the first marketplace connecting journal editors and authors. In addition, PoolText includes new artificial intelligence integrations that will contribute to the publishing ecosystem. PoolText checks different features of the articles, such as plagiarism, redaction, reference currency and accuracy, and structural integrity of the articles, with an integrative approach.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. Please visit us online at www.jtgga.org and keep in touch with us by following us on Twitter @JtggaOfficial. We look forward to sharing with you the latest research.


Prof. Cihat Ünlü, M.D.
Editor in Chief of J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc
President of TGGF