Original Investigation

Awareness, knowledge and attitudes towards HPV infection and vaccine among non-obstetrician-gynecologist healthcare providers

  • M. Murat Naki
  • Hasniye Çelik
  • Olus Api
  • Sadik Toprak
  • Erdem Özerden
  • Orhan Ünal

Received Date: 14.01.2010 Accepted Date: 26.01.2010 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2010;11(1):16-21 PMID: 24591889


This study was designed to evaluate the awareness, knowledge and attitudes of healthcare providers towards HPV infection and vaccine.


A total of 311 healthcare providers working in specialties other than obstetrics and gynecology at Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Education and Research Hospital as a physician (n=142) or a non-physician healthcare provider (n=169) were included in the present study. A questionnaire developed by researchers based on literature and including items concerning socio-demographic features, awareness of HPV infection and vaccine, attitudes related to HPV vaccine and regular gynecological controls and knowledge about HPV infection was applied to participants via face to face interview method. Each correct answer was scored by one to decide the level of knowledge and awareness.


The frequency of parenthood was lower and the ratio of males was higher in the physician group compared to the non-physician group. Awareness of virus mediated cancer (p=0.01), human papilloma virus (p=0.0001), cervical cancer, HPV vaccine, and types of HPV vaccine was significantly higher in the physician group. While consent levels for vaccine administration for themselves were similar for physician and non-physician subjects, the frequency of subjects favoring vaccine administration for their offspring was significantly higher among physicians (p<0.001 for daughters, p<0.05 for sons). HPV-related level of knowledge in the physicians was significantly higher when compared to the non-physician staff (p<0.001).


Physicians were more competent on the relation of HPV infection to cervical cancer and more aware of the presence and types of HPV vaccines which may lead to higher degree of willingness for vaccination when compared with non-physician healthcare providers.

Keywords: HPV, vaccine; awareness; knowledge level; attitude; healthcare providers