Clinical Study

Role of adenosine in regulation of T-helper 1-type and T-helper 2-type immunity in women with nonpreeclamptic twin pregnancies

  • Shunji Suzuki
  • Tomoaki Murata
  • Yoshio Yoneyama

Received Date: 17.09.2006 Accepted Date: 31.10.2006 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2007;8(2):165-167


This study was to evaluate the relationship between changes in plasma adenosine concentration and T helper 1 (Th1): Th2 cell-immunity in the peripheral blood of women with nonpreeclamptic twin pregnancy.


Plasma adenosine concentrations and the percentage of Th1, Th2 cells and the Th1: Th2 cell ratios in peripheral blood from 11 normal singleton pregnant women and 11 patients with twin pregnancies without preeclampsia at 28-32 weeks’ gestation were measured using a high performance liquid chromatography and flow cytometry. The effect of adenosine-receptor blocker 8-sulfophenyltheophylline was also measured in vitro.


In twin pregnancies, the plasma adenosine concentration and the percentage of Th1 cells were significantly lower than those in singleton pregnancies. After adenosine receptor blockade, there were no measurable differences in the percentage of Th1 cells between twin and singleton pregnancies.


Our findings suggest the role of adenosine on Th1: Th2 balance toward Th2 dominance in nonpreeclamptic twin pregnancy.

Keywords: adenosine, T-helper cells, twin pregnancy