Original Investigation

Obstetric and perinatal outcomes in pregnant women with Takayasu’s Arteritis: single centre experience over five years


  • Liji Sarah David
  • Manisha Madhai Beck
  • Manish Kumar
  • Sudha Jasmine Rajan
  • Debashish Danda
  • Reeta Vijayaselvi

Received Date: 11.07.2019 Accepted Date: 22.09.2019 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 0;0(0):0-0 [e-Pub] PMID: 31564080


To study the obstetric and perinatal outcomes among pregnant women with Takayasu’s arteritis (TA), attending our hospital for pregnancy and childbirth between January 2011 to December 2016.

Material and methods:

Retrospective study carried out by abstracting clinical charts on all pregnant women with TA who underwent antenatal care and/or delivery in our hospital during this period. American college of Rheumatology criteria was used for diagnosis of TA. 16 women with TA were included in the study. Maternal demographic data, stage of disease, complications related to disease, details of treatment taken prior to pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, and neonatal outcomes were studied.


Majority of our women(n=7,43.8%) belonged to Type V angiographic type, however almost half of our cohort (7/16) had undergone surgical corrections prior to pregnancy and most (15/16) were on medical management. Only 3 women (19%) were diagnosed during pregnancy. Most of our women didn’t have disease activity both by Kerr’s criteria (n=12,75%), and ITAS A scores. Chronic hypertension was the commonest antenatal complication(56.2 %), one-third women had growth restricted babies and a fourth had preterm labour. There were no cardiovascular events, no maternal deaths, nor fetal or neonatal deaths.Two-thirds of our women delivered by Caesarean Section.


Preconceptional counselling is of paramount importance in women with TA. Good maternal and fetal outcomes are observed with close antenatal surveillance and multidisciplinary care. Pregnancy should be planned during disease remission, with good antenatal care, close monitoring of clinical symptoms , early diagnosis and treatment of complications.

Keywords: Takayasu's Arteritis,Periconceptional Counselling,Vasculitis,Chronic hypertension,High risk pregnancy