Original Investigation

Microarray detection of human papilloma virus genotypes among Turkish women with abnormal cytology at a colposcopy unit


  • Işıl Uzun Çilingir
  • Ergin Bengisu
  • Ali Ağaçfidan
  • Muammer Osman Köksal
  • Samet Topuz
  • Sinan Berkman
  • Ahmet Cem İyibozkurt

Received Date: 22.09.2012 Accepted Date: 13.11.2012 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2013;14(1):23-27 PMID: 24592066


There is a well-known association between human papilloma virus (HPV) and cervical neoplasia. The aim of this study was to investigate the types of HPV DNA and to compare the results with colposcopic findings among women with abnormal cytology.

Material and Methods:

A series of 76 consecutive women attending the clinic with the usual referral indications (ASC-US or higher in Pap) were examined by the conventional diagnostic tools (PAP smear, colposcopy,punch biopsy) and subjected to HPV testing. For HPV genotyping, we used a commercially avaliable HPV DNA chip (Genomica-CLART) which is a PCR based microarray system.The HPV test detected 35types of HPV (HPV-6/-11/-16/-18/-26/-31/-33/-35/- 39/-40/-42/-43/-44/-45/-51/-52/-53/-54/-56/-58/-59/-61/-62/-66/-70/-71/- 72/-73/-81/-83/84/-85/-89).


Overall, 44.7% of all patients were HPV positive. HPV was positive in 35%, 51.9%, 77.7% of the ASCUS, LSIL and HSIL groups respectively and HPV 16 was the most prevalent type in all groups. 6 %of patients had mutiple infections. 57.8% of biopsy proven SIL’s were HPV positive. The most prevalent HPV type was HPV 16 (54.5%).Colposcopic assessment revealed pathologic findings in 94.7% of biopsy proven SIL cases.


Although it has been reported that the prevalence of HPV in the general population is lower than Western countries, and the prevalence and distribution of genotypes are smilar in patients with abnormal cytology. Further population based studies are needed to determine the prevalance and type distribution of HPV with normal and abnormal cytology in Turkish women. Despite the new technological progress in HPV virion, colposcopy is still very important diagnostic tool in the management of abnormal smears.

Keywords: Microarray, HPV, Colposcopy, abnormal smear, PCR