Original Investigation

Colpocleisis, patient satisfaction and quality of life


  • Mehmet Reşit Asoğlu
  • Selçuk Selçuk
  • Çetin Çam
  • Reyhan Ayaz
  • Niyazi Tuğ
  • Ateş Karateke

Received Date: 02.08.2012 Accepted Date: 20.09.2012 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2012;13(4):253-256


The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of colpocleisis operations with or without an anti-incontinence procedure on post-operative objective and subjective outcomes.

Material and Methods:

Partial and total colpocleisis cases, with or without concomitant trans-obturator tension-free (TOT) procedure, were analyzed retrospectively. Pre- and post-operative POP-Q, urodynamics, UDI 6 and IIQ 7 scores and the level of patient satisfaction were the outcome measures.


A total of 27 patients with colpocleisis (23 partial and 4 total) were analyzed. Seven women underwent also a concomitant TOT procedure. Of the patients, 66.7%, 25.9% and 7.4% were ‘very satisfied’, ‘satisfied’ and ‘not satisfied’, respectively. UDI-6 and IIQ-7 scores were improved in all patients. Post-operative urinary retention was not observed and prolapse recurred in one patient.


In elderly or medically compromised patients with advanced pelvic organ prolapse, colpocleisis is a safe and effective surgical technique with a high subjective satisfaction rate. A concomitant TOT procedure may be added where indicated.

Keywords: Colpocleisis, transobturatuar tape, pelvic organ prolapse, quality of life, patient satisfaction