Clinical Study

Cell Cycle and Apoptosis Alteration of Human Cervix Adenocarcinoma Cells Induced by Low-dose 12C6+ Beam and ?-ray

  • Bing Liu
  • Hong Zhang
  • Guangming Zhou
  • Rong Qiu
  • Yi Xie
  • Jifang Hao
  • Qingming Zhou
  • Xin Duan

Received Date: 01.09.2006 Accepted Date: 27.10.2006 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2006;7(4):297-301

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to explore the effect of 12C6+ beam irradiation on cell cycle and apoptosis in cervix adenocarcinoma. MATERIALS-METHODS: The Hela cells were exposed to 12C6+ beam/γ-ray. Cell viability was determined by clonogenic assay. Cell cycle was detected by flow cytometric analysis. The apoptosis was detected by fluorence microscope with DAPI staining. RESULTS: The G0/G1 cells in the irradiated groups were significantly more than those in the control (p Coclusions: The low-dose 12C6+ beam irradiation significantly suppresses Hela cells through the induction of cell cycle arrest and cell apoptosis as contrast to the low-dose γ-ray.

Keywords: carbon-ion, ?, -ray, cell cycle, cell apoptosis, cervix adenocarcinoma