Clinical Study

Adnexal Masses During the Pregnancy

  • Talat Umut Kutlu Dilek
  • Ilay Öztu¨rk
  • Filiz Cayan
  • Arzu Doruk
  • Saffet Dilek

Received Date: 10.05.2007 Accepted Date: 27.06.2007 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2007;8(3):320-323


It is not uncommon to diagnose of an adnexal mass during the pregnancy in an era of prenatal ultrasound. In this study, we reported maternal and perinatal outcomes of persistent adnexal mass associated with pregnancy among women who admitted for antenatal follow-up between 2004 and 2006.


Demographic, clinical data and perinatal outcomes of 10 cases of persistent adnexal mass who were diagnosed at 1st and 2nd trimester were retrospectively evaluated.


Seven of ten were explored surgically. Ultrasonographic aspiration was performed to one case. We followed two cases due to lack of informed consent for the surgical intervention. Final histopathologic diagnosis were available for 8 cases ( 2 cases of dermoid cyst, 3 cases of simple cyst, 1 case of serous cystadenofibroma, 1 case of extragastrointestinal stromal tumor, 1 case of myoma uteri). Pregnancy outcome was uneventful except 3 cases whose pregnancy were terminated.


Surgical exploration is a suitable option to evaluate persistent symptomatic adnexal masses during the pregnancy. In case of, asymptomatic persistant adnexal masses, sonographic features could be major determinant to decision making.

Keywords: Pregnancy, adnexal mass, perinatal outcome, maternal outcome