Case Report

A rare cause of virilization; Ovarian steroid cell tumor, not otherwise specified (NOS)


  • Nicel Taşdemir
  • Cem Çelik
  • Remzi Abalı
  • Erson Aksu
  • Meltem Öznur
  • Murat Yılmaz

Received Date: 01.04.2012 Accepted Date: 23.06.2012 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2012;13(4):275-277 PMID: 24592056

Sex cord–stromal tumors account for 5% of ovarian tumors and 2% of malignant ovarian tumors. Steroid cell tumors (SCT), not otherwise specified (NOS), are rare sex cord–stromal tumors of the ovary and account for less than 0.1% of all ovarian tumors. We report a rare case of a postmenopausal woman presented with hirsutism, virilism and with findings of hyperestrogenism.

Keywords: Hirsutism, steroid cell tumor, virilization, hyperandrogenism, sex cord-stromal tumor