Case Report

A prenatal tertiary trisomy resulting from balanced maternal 8; 9 translocation


  • Gülsüm Kayhan
  • Mehmet Ali Ergün
  • Aydan Asyali Biri
  • Meral Yirmibes Karaoguz

Received Date: 17.08.2011 Accepted Date: 09.09.2011 J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc 2011;12(3):183-185 PMID: 24591989

An additional derivative chromosome 8 was found in the cytogenetic analyses of the chorionic villus biopsy specimen of a balanced reciprocal translocation carrier mother. This was a 3: 1 segregation of the unbalanced product of the balanced maternal 8: 9 translocation. The chromosomes of the carrier of the balanced reciprocal translocation pair with their matching homologous segments at meiosis I, a quadrivalent figure is formed and chromosomes segregate from this configuration. Increased nuchal tranaslucency was also determined on fetal sonography at the 13rd week of gestation. The final karyotype was 47,X Y,+der(8)t(8;9)(q11.2;p22) mat, and the parents were informed about this tertiary trisomy. After genetic counseling, the parents decided to terminate the pregnancy. The presented case is a reminder of the probability of the unbalanced products of the 3: 1 segregation, rather than the common 2: 2 segregation.

Keywords: Derivative chromosome 8, nuchal translucency, reciprocal translocation, tertiary trisomy, 3: 1 segregation